Tomorrow is the big day, but as you can imagine the excitement has been ramping up for some weeks now. I’m writing this during a pocket of time that I imagine is the calm before the storm.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s stressful or difficult to plan a wedding. This was a piece of cake. Seriously.

Speaking of storms, there is the possibility of rain tomorrow. Not to worry though. Although we’re planning to have the ceremony outside we have a contingency plan that will let us have it inside the reception hall. All the bases are covered.

Right now Kim and her bridal party are out at the spa and then going to lunch. I’m hanging out with my sister’s boyfriend, Mike, and wrapping up some last bits of work.

Kim and I will be heading out to Ajax this afternoon to check into the hotel and bring some stuff out for the wedding.

We will be gathering with the wedding party tonight at Deer Creek for the rehearsal and dinner.

And then comes the big day…