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Bradley’s First Grooming: Before and After

After growing his hair for the first 4 months of his life, Bradley had his first haircut today. We thought it was going to make him look a lot smaller, but surprisingly it revealed how big he has gotten. It wasn’t too long ago that he could fit in your hand.

Here are the before and after shots. You be the judge:

Bradley Before His First Grooming

Bradley After His First Grooming

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Bradley and Phoenix, Cousins

Family Resemblance Among Tongues

Recently, Bradley got to meet one of his cousins. Phoenix is also a wheaten-schnauzer cross who is one year older than Bradley. He came from the same breeder and belongs to Kim’s cousins. Naturally, they get along wonderfully. They’re very good at sharing back yards, toys, food and affection. Even better, they’re great at tiring each other out.

Lots more pictures after the jump.

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Bradley in Grandma’s Back Yard

Partners in Crime

Kim and I went to visit my Grandma last week. This was a real treat for Bradley since she has a large, fenced in back yard. He spent much of the time romping, running, chasing balls and rolling around in the grass.

If you like pictures of dogs and pictures of grass, then strap yourself in. There are plenty more after the jump.
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Bradley Featured on The Daily Puppy

Bradley in the Daisies

Our little Bradley is the featured puppy on The Daily Puppy today. We hope all the attention doesn’t go to his head. Head on over to see more cute pics.

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Pictures From Our Honeymoon in Maui

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Incoming Cuteness: Meet Bradley, Our New Puppy


Kim and I are very excited to introduce Bradley. He is a 9 week old 3/4 wheaten and 1/4 schnauzer. There may be some Irish in there too.

After much deliberation about his name, we realized the street he was born on had a name that would be great. Even better than Axl, Lars, Dimebag, Ozzy, Slash, Mustaine or even Lamb of Dog… so I am told.

Bradley Rd

Bradley just had the most exciting day of his life. We drove to pick him up from the Muskoka region where he was bred. Today he discovered grass, life in the big city, the exuberance of a 3 year old and humped his first leg.

Bradley's First Grass

This was more than enough to tire out any pup. And so, now we sleep…


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The Official Wedding Photos

While Kim and I were away in Hawaii, our friends Jamie and Rosie of Photocaptiva were busily working on the countless photos they took of our rehearsal and wedding day. Much to our delight, they were finished before we returned. You can see the results in the above slideshow.

Kim and I are blown away by how well Jamie and Rosie captured this time in our lives. We had a really good feeling about how the wedding photos would turn out after our engagement session with them, but this is above and beyond all of our expectations. I doubt you would believe me if I told you that ours was their first wedding shoot.

We would like to send out a big thank you to Jamie and Rosie for their hard work and the care that they poured into these photographs.


Wedding Photos Courtesy of Jon

As well as making a video of Kim dancing with our flower girl, Karylton, Jon also caught many great moments in stills. All this on top of being a groomsman. Many thanks to Jon.

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Last Friday my dad and best man got a bunch of my family and friends together to celebrate my bachelorhood/freedom/what have you.

We started at the Jason George. Then we went to the Upfront to show them how karaoke is done. Then there was a Chinese restaurant. I don’t remember much from that point on.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. And thanks to my dad and Jamie for taking pictures.

Great times, they were.

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A New Addition to the Family

Puppy 2

The wedding is all planned out, so Kim and I have been working on what happens after that. The first order of business is getting a puppy.

We drove up to Gravenhurst on the weekend to meet a breeder and pick out this little guy. He’s a wheaten-schnauzer mix born near the beginning of April.

We also got to hang out with his birth-mom for a bit. She was as friendly as they come.

We’re bringing him home at the end of May, after the wedding and honeymoon.

Puppy 1

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