I do not have an ounce of musical talent.  But I do enjoy music.  Luckily Derek is musically minded and talented and will be able to make most of the music decisions.

When discussing our options for the musical entertainment portion of our wedding, we both agreed that we wanted to include live music in our selection.  Since live strings seem to be either popular or readily accessible, that seemed like a good choice.  It’s elegant and neutral, classy.  So we’ve booked a string quartet, and I can’t wait to hear them.

We have also decided on a traditional DJ service to get the party going.  We didn’t put much thought to live music for this part of the reception, mainly because it does not allow enough variety and sometimes a band can be too loud and that doesn’t allow the guests to have comfortable conversation.

I expect that we will be more than satisfied with our chosen vendors: Hartshorn-Walton Music and Sight & Sound DJ services.  Now we have to start thinking about what kind of music, and which songs in particular we want to hear.

Any requests?

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