We chose Just Temptations to create our cake for us based on the cake a friend and colleague of mine had at her wedding.  It was beautiful, delicious and affordable as far as wedding cakes go.  As anyone who has had a wedding will know, put the word “wedding” in front of it, whatever it may be, and the price goes up 30%.

In terms of design, we had some idea of what we wanted.  After looking through about a thousand pictures and in-store models of cakes we decided we liked parts of various cakes.  Luckily Just Temptations creates custom designed cakes.  We were able to give a few specific details and they will take it from there.  I don’t want to give away all of the details, but the theme is black and white.

I didn’t realize that cheesecake would be an option, but it is and it’s aweome!  It’s my favorite.  So two tiers will be lemon cheesecake, and two will be chocolate buttercream.  Who doesn’t like chocolate?

I can’t wait…I’ll be having one of each flavor because seriously, how many days can I have my cake and eat it too?