Bride and Flower Girl Busting a Move

A big thanks to our groomsman, Jon, for capturing one of Kim’s favourite moments of the evening.

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Off To Hawaii

Kim and I are still basking in the afterglow of the amazing day we had yesterday. We are writing this while waiting for our flight to Hawaii at Pearson. We will be spending the next week honeymooning there.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our wedding. You all made it a day we could never forget.

This site will now become our family blog. You can expect to see lots of puppy pictures here soon.

We look forward to returning and hearing about how Karylton and Sebastian’s breakfast date went this morning!

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The Day Before

Tomorrow is the big day, but as you can imagine the excitement has been ramping up for some weeks now. I’m writing this during a pocket of time that I imagine is the calm before the storm.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s stressful or difficult to plan a wedding. This was a piece of cake. Seriously.

Speaking of storms, there is the possibility of rain tomorrow. Not to worry though. Although we’re planning to have the ceremony outside we have a contingency plan that will let us have it inside the reception hall. All the bases are covered.

Right now Kim and her bridal party are out at the spa and then going to lunch. I’m hanging out with my sister’s boyfriend, Mike, and wrapping up some last bits of work.

Kim and I will be heading out to Ajax this afternoon to check into the hotel and bring some stuff out for the wedding.

We will be gathering with the wedding party tonight at Deer Creek for the rehearsal and dinner.

And then comes the big day…


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Last Friday my dad and best man got a bunch of my family and friends together to celebrate my bachelorhood/freedom/what have you.

We started at the Jason George. Then we went to the Upfront to show them how karaoke is done. Then there was a Chinese restaurant. I don’t remember much from that point on.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. And thanks to my dad and Jamie for taking pictures.

Great times, they were.

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A New Addition to the Family

Puppy 2

The wedding is all planned out, so Kim and I have been working on what happens after that. The first order of business is getting a puppy.

We drove up to Gravenhurst on the weekend to meet a breeder and pick out this little guy. He’s a wheaten-schnauzer mix born near the beginning of April.

We also got to hang out with his birth-mom for a bit. She was as friendly as they come.

We’re bringing him home at the end of May, after the wedding and honeymoon.

Puppy 1

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April Showers

My bridal shower, thrown by “the bridesmaids”, was this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  My Maid of Honor organized some really cool games… yes, I said cool shower games.  The cake was a mini wedding cake, which was also delicious.

The shower was held at Havanna Nights in Ajax where they literally rolled out the red carpet for us.  The food and drinks were great, and the company even better.  Thanks to everyone who made it, and thanks for all of the gorgeous gifts!  I have included a few pictures in this post to better illustrate just how great a day it was.





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Our Mexican Vacation, 2009

The day after Kim and I mailed the invitations, we went to the Mayan Riviera for a week. A month after getting back, I have finally finished going through the many pictures we took. Above are some of our favourites.

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The Invitations Have Been Mailed

Mailing the Invitations

Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

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Invitations: Stuffed, Addressed and Stamped

Preparing the Invitations

Kim and my Mom spent the afternoon preparing the invitations to be mailed… twice!

Apparently once they were done stuffing them the first time, they realized that they had forgotten to put stamps on the RSVP envelopes. So they got to un-package them all and do it over again. Good times.

We will be mailing them out tomorrow.

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Invitations, Rings and Dresses

Wedding Invitation

After a break on wedding preparations, Kim and I got back into it in full force this weekend.

We picked up our invitations. They turned out exactly as we expected. Stephita did a great job on them.

Next we went shopping for our wedding bands. Mine took about 2 minutes to pick out since I knew exactly what I wanted. Kim was more discerning. She ended up trying on about 100 rings before finding the perfect one to sit next to her engagement ring.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kim and her bridesmaids went out today to finalize the bridesmaid dress situation. From what I hear (correct me if I’m wrong), it was a delightful affair which resulted in everyone agreeing on a dress style. Kim is very relieved to have that piece of the puzzle out of the way.

All in all, quite a productive weekend.

Update: By popular demand, here’s a shot of the interior of the invitation:

Wedding Invitation Interior

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