Sandwich Heeling:  40 feet between automatic sits, with 3 speeds and 3 turns.

Sit-Stay: Nose-to-knees, start with 15, move to 30 seconds.  Use exercise finished.

Stand: 15 seconds, use exercise finished.

Sandwich (heeling and soak time)

Sit on the Dog

We kept going with Week 2 last week, to reinforce the automatic sits.  Bradley is not automatically sitting in the way that he is supposed to.  He certainly knows he is supposed to sit when we stop, and does if he can focus.  He will sit if we use the command, physically manipulate him, nudge him in the hind quarters, snap near his ear, say “hey”, give an actual correction, ask him what he’s supposed to be doing… pretty much anything to snap him out of focusing on something else.  Fundamentally, I know this is a problem because he is relying on a cue.  This is why we will probably be taking this class again.

Week 3 exercises proved to be interesting.  Bradley does not seem to like it when I stand in front of his face.  He tries to look around me, or turn around.  But he does stay where he’s put for the most part, and will do it for as long as we ask.  One problem we have is that Bradley just lies down while he waits for the next command.  The stand was very good, which is surprising because in Basic Companion, this was the one thing that Bradley did not really like to do.

The sandwich-ing is good when we finish an exercise, but not perfect when we stop again after a few feet.  Because Bradley’s favorite speed is super-fast, taking two steps and then stopping again is difficult because he’s practically at a run already.

We practiced some more inside the house, but it was frustrating because although Bradley did the automatic sits very well, he quickly lied down.  Now, part of the problem is that our floors are hardwood, and Bradley naturally slides into a down when he sits.  He’s also used to only being on a leash indoors when he’s being sat on, so he may think he should be lying down.  I’m not sure, anyway the stand may work for practice indoors, but not the sit-stay.