Day: 4

Session: 1

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Location: around the large Roselawn block

Heel distance: 20′

# of Sits: approx. 100

Soak time: 5 mins

Sit on the dog: Bradley’s so exhausted that he is sitting on himself.

It’s actually the fifth day, but we’re on Day 4 because we missed yesterday.  Bradley is always easier to train after he’s spent the day at Tailwags, because he lets out his excess energy there.  Today was much easier than Tuesday because he was not as wild and trying to sniff everything.  We did encounter various distractions which I found interesting.  Rather than running to the distraction, Bradley just turned his body in that direction and sat.

Bradley was very good today at keeping within a 2′ “force” for 20′.  He is not sitting on his own yet, but we’ll introduce that tomorrow.  He is having trouble with the slow pace so we’re working on that one in particular.  And although he starts when I start with no problem, he is not stopping right away when I stop.  He consistently stops when he hears the collar tightening. Given the way this week is going, we will probably continue this week for a few extra days for good measure.