Day: 2

Session: 1

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Location: perimeter of school

Heel distance: 10′

# of Sits: approx. 50

Soak time: 10 mins

Sit on the dog: none

I have to give Bradley the credit he is due… he is a superstar at week 2!  He is already melting into his sits, and obviously at 6 steps he doesn’t have trouble staying right beside me.  He seemed to memorize the pattern of 6-steps-and-a-sit when we were walking in a straight line.  He just seemed to let go and do whatever it was he was told.  So when I turned, he turned, and when I stopped he stopped.

If I am being realistic though, it was very early in the morning and I think when he is more awake and excited like he usually is in the evening, I may not be able to brag quite as much.

I’m sure he’ll also be challenged when it’s not such a regimented and short walking distance, but at this stage he’s doing great.  So my theory is, either he made more progress than we recognized last week; or he is just particularly good at this exercise and/or enjoys it.  I must admit, the first time around he also seemed to “get” this week better than the first week, but he’s even better at it this time.  Can you tell how pleased I am?

Bradley does this thing with me when we walk, where when he sees someone walking in the distance (as much as two blocks away, and even when they are behind us walking in the same direction) he will sit, as if that good behavior will get him some attention from the passerby.  I’m pretty sure Bradley thinks he can get anything he wants if he sits, because he commits to it… he will not move until that person passes by.  So this morning, someone was about 30 or 40 feet behind us, walking in the same direction and Bradley kept looking behind us and trying to sit in the middle of our heeling.  It was pretty cute, because he stuck with me and heeled and sat, and heeled and sat, but all the while checking out behind us every couple of seconds and trying to maintain his sit at every 10 feet.

Soak time was very effective this morning.  Bradley was just milling about, and then all of a sudden had a puppy burst and was jumping around and grabbing the leash… it seemed like he was letting out his energy that he was doing so well at keeping in while he focused on work.  Definitely a contrast.