Day: 1

Session: 1

Duration: approx. 25 minutes

Location: length of schoolyard, along adjacent street

Heel distance: 10′

# of Sits: approx. 25

Soak time: none

Sit on the dog: none

I was looking forward to starting this morning, because I like this week so much better than last!  There was a minor glitch in the session, but otherwise Bradley did fantastic.

My initial goal was to walk around the block, because I estimate that to be at least 500 feet, and if we stop every 10 feet or so to sit, that would be about 50 sits.  However, we were less than halfway when Bradley was seriously scared by something.  I’m not sure what, because I didn’t see or hear anything but it could have been as simple as the loud birds chirping.  Anyway, he turned and ran so that even when I was running, he was still at the end of the leash and pulling despite the training collar.

That snag out of the way, once we were to a point that Bradley was comfortable, he was a superstar.  He got used to the stopping every 6 steps pattern very quickly, and most of the time was seated before I could physically seat him.  It makes it difficult to manipulate him when he’s already sitting, although I know we’re supposed to do it anyway.