Day: 5

Session: 2

Confine dog (double amount of training time): training immediately after returning home from daycare

Two 30 min or one 60 session: 30 minute session

Location #2, pattern: nearby park, baseball diamond, square pattern

Leash Length: 2′

Distractions: rough terrain, dog

Soak time: 5 minutes

Sit on the dog: 1 hour

Last night Bradley and I returned to the baseball diamond at the nearby park. The walking terrain was awful. Throughout the course of the day, the snow had melted some and then froze again, so there was lots of unsure footings on unstable snow/ice with mud underneath.

Despite this, Bradley did well. The drop and run technique was still prevalent, but it didn’t seem fair to him since he was mostly distracted by the ground situation.

This park is usually a hot-spot for dog activity, but only one dog could be found there last night, probably because of the lousy conditions. Bradley didn’t pay any attention to that dog.

He was still consistently starting and stopping when I start and stop and followed close when he could manage the terrain.

During soak time, I noticed that he spent a large portion of the time just following me around instead of being curious. It’s like he was still waiting for me to give him cues.

Bradley got a double dose of soak time last night. One soak at the park and one in the bath tub when we got home.

Following that, he was sat on for about an hour during Kim’s piano lesson.

Last night’s training session flew by thanks to the latest Macbreak Weekly podcast.