Day: 4

Session: 1

Confine dog (double amount of training time): training after a night of sleep

Two 30 min or one 60 session: 30 minute session

Location #2, pattern: Schoolyard, square pattern

Leash Length: 5′

Distractions: none

Soak time: 5 minutes

Sit on the dog: none

I took Bradley back to our first training location, the schoolyard.  Unfortunately that early in the morning there are no distractions, other than the ones Bradley creates for himself.  Again, Bradley is usually better in our morning sessions because he’s still waking up.  This particular location is also better for him because it’s not harsh on his paws.

He did not pull at the 5′ mark at all this morning.  He walked very nicely beside me, although on my right which seems to be becoming a habit.

Soak time still doesn’t seem to be ‘soaking in’, but I will not presume I know what he is thinking.

I had to get to work, so sit on the dog will have to wait until this evening.