Day: 3

Session: 1

Confine dog (double amount of training time): trained after a night of sleep

Two 30 min or one 60 session: 25 minute session

Location #2, pattern: parking lot of nearby school, rectangular pattern

Leash Length:  5′

Distractions: none

Soak time: 5 minutes

Sit on the dog: none

Bradley seems to be having difficulty walking on the frozen snow.  It must be uncomfortable on his little paws, and since we tend to have to train early in the morning or after dark in the evening the snow is always frozen.  So the challenge today was to find a nice clear area to walk in.  We don’t have many of those areas nearby, but we do have a large rectangular shaped parking lot which belongs to the school closest to our house.  At 6am that parking lot is empty, so it presented a good training location, despite not being wide enough to make a 50 foot square.

I used the larger training collar on Bradley this morning, and that seemed to work better.  There were no distractions this morning, and Bradley seemed to “get” what we were doing at the 5′ length.  I have to wonder if at 15′ he felt like he was on the loose, and at 5′ he felt more connected and paid more attention?  He really walked well beside me, and only reached the end of the line twice where I had to ‘drop and run’.

We did a slightly shorter session at 20 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of soak time.  Bradley really doesn’t understand soak time.  He thinks it’s time for him to roam and sniff things, but not necessarily be close to me.  He wanted to wander away from me more than he wanted to stay close, and he pulled on the leash more during that time than he did for the entire training session.  Maybe that part will come, we’ll have to be patient and see what happens.

I really must get my iPod filled up again, because the minutes pass by like hours…