Day: 3

Session: 2

Confine dog (double amount of training time): crated for 1 hour

Two 30 min or one 60 session: 30 minute session

Location #2, pattern: parking lot of nearby school, rectangular pattern

Leash Length: 5′

Distractions: minimal

Soak time: 5 minutes

Sit on the dog: 45 minutes

Both of us took Bradley back to the parking lot of a nearby school this evening for a 30 minute session. A couple of times we even caught him paying close attention to us.

The theme of today’s session was “drop-n-run”. I had trouble keeping track, but if I had to guess, I would say we had to employ the drop and run technique about 10 times in order to get Bradley’s attention. We aren’t sure if he’s learning anything from that though.

Distractions were minimal compared to the baseball diamond yesterday. At worst, Bradley was distracted by a puddle or by nature calling.

He’s being sat on as I write this, something that he is an expert at.