I picked up the ring on Wednesday and hid it in my camera bag. Kim is used to me carrying it everywhere we go so she wouldn’t suspect a thing. We went out for dinner Wednesday night at Grazie. The idea of proposing in a crowded restaurant didn’t appeal to me. I considered proposing during the walk home but decided the light wasn’t right. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, we went to the gym after work. No good openings for a proposal that night. Maybe tomorrow.

Kim worked from home on Friday. Surely there would be a good opportunity that day since I work at home regularly and we’d basically be spending the day together. Nope. And then Kim went to the New Kids on the Block concert with her mother that night. Maybe tomorrow.

By Saturday I was feeling like I had been holding onto the ring forever. We went to brunch at La Vecchia. It was a beautiful morning. It would be the last beautiful day of the summer. Sometime during brunch I decided that I would propose on the way home.

As we walked down the tree-lined path from Eglinton towards Eglinton Park, I pulled out my camera and asked Kim if I could snap some pictures of her.


After taking that picture, I put my camera away and pulled out the ring. I’ll never forget the surprise on her face… or how nervous I suddenly became. I told her I couldn’t wait any longer, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes. The happiest, most exciting moment of my life.